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01/02/2019: Today's Updates... 8.50pm...


Another few cm's brings today's total to 33cm in the village, though the actual snowpack on the rooves etc has probably gone down, as this heavy, wet snowfall compresses what is underneath. The snow is lighter now, but still very wet. It is difficult to estimate how much has fallen higher up, but at least double the amount in the village wouldn't be too far fetched a scenario for elevations above mid-mountain - but we will await news tomorrow...

Lifts may be slow opening tomorrow whilst the avalanche risk is assessed and contained.


Still snowing - will update totals before bedtime...


It has been a memorable day here in Chatel with this classic evaporative cooling snow event bringing some of the most intense, prolonged periods of snowfall that we have ever witnessed. Accumulations here in the village are not spectacular, due to the elevated 0c isotherm and the really wet nature of the snowpack, but, another 11cm has been measured bringing the total to 29cm for the day. At times the snow has almost been thawing as it lands, however, the intensity of the snowfall since the last update was incredible Higher elevations will have seen some substantial amounts since the lifts closed.

Still snowing...


Heavy snow falling again. Next update at about 6pm...


The spell of sleet was fairly shortlived and the snowflakes returned, though they are very wet at the moment, and so measuring new accumulations is fairly meaningless just at the moment, as its like a layer of slush on our measuring surface. Meanwhile, a bit higher up, the snow mounts up...

It has been quite a day so far. Many thanks to the additional tippers today...


But now rain and sleet alternating with the wet snow, so it has become a very marginal situation for the village again - after another 3cm measured of very wet snow... total of wet snow measured today at 1200m now 18cm - with alot more than that higher up.


It is quite hard to capture the intensity of this snowfall on a camera, but here is an attempt...


There has been no let up here with some huge sized snowflakes coming down and another 5.5cm of very wet snow has accumulated on our measuring surface, bringing the total today to 15cm. With this intensity of precipitation, you would expect some big totals higher up on the ski area to be accumulating. The risk of avalanche is so high that several of the upper lifts have closed...


Latest 0c isotherm level forecast... these have come down from this morning - especially for the mid-afternoon period, which is very good news... but they are still not great and will need that heavier precipitation to get the snow levels down to the the village and below...

1pm: 1597m  / 3pm: 1590m  / 5pm: 1601m  / 7pm: 1509m / 9pm: 1641m / midnight: 1626m:


Still snowing here in Chatel - it is still the very wet variety of snow at 1200m, but another 4.5cm has been added since the last update, bringing total measured snowfall at this elevation today to 9.5cm.


Firstly - huge thanks to new and repeat tippers, who have been using the PayPal donate button on the About Us page.

The snowfall is going well so far. We have classic evaporative cooling snowfall at the moment with reports of snow down as low as 680m from a contributor to the WhatsApp group, which with an elevated 0c isotherm, just goes to show how far this effect can bring down the snow/rain limits. So far in the village we have 5cm (measured up to 10.30am) of very wet snow, with big flakes coming down.

Going forward, the issues this afternoon will be whether the snow/rain limit will rise again as the precipitation may get lighter, thus losing the evaporative cooling effect and this may combine with a rise in the 0c isotherm, so there is the chance of a damp-ish lull in the precipitation for a time - before things get more interesting again later. Whether it pans out this way remains to be seen, as there is a chance of the heavier precipitation continuing... whatever happens, expect further updates through the afternoon...


Wet snow still falling in the village - varying intensities - wet dusting less than 1cm on some surfaces. Looks to be going as expected at the moment with those marginal snow/rain limits for the village associated with a 0c isotherm of near to 1600m, with the snow/rain limit moving down during heavier bursts. Next update expected at 11am.


Wet snow falling in the village - leaving a slushy covering on some surfaces.


Bonjour - it is a wet start to the day in the village, with rain falling, on a day that is expected to see the snow/rain limit moving up and down...

Updates will appear on this page today and the forecast page is expected to be updated towards 7.45am this morning.

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