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01/12/2018: Today's Updates... 5.50pm...


The weather has been mostly fine today, once the early cloud shifted, but there remains a cloud on the horizon - in the form of the rain event of tomorrow and Monday. It looks like the precipitation will arrive early tomorrow and there may be some flakes of snow falling down to fairly low elevations for a time, before the milder air and rain take hold. Yuk!

As for the return of winter, we remain optimistic about next weekend and will wait until the early charts tomorrow are out before commenting further.

Photos below from a run down to Abondance and back. Next update will be on the snow forecast page at approx 7.45am.

Buses waiting for the season to start.


As reported earlier, the snowline did not make it down to the village overnight but there has been a light fall above about 1600m. To be honest, this snowfall was always going to be irrelevant bearing in mind the mild and wet weather that is due to come in tonight and last through Sunday and Monday, so conditions are going to get far worse before they potentially get better. Much of the natural snow cover below 2000m is expected to disappear, so we will be almost back to square one in terms of natural snow cover, though the mounds of man made snow are likely to be much more resilient.

It is also a bit of a disappointing morning in that normally, the village would be coming alive today and celebrating the opening of the pistes. Any opening this year has been put back to the 15th December and this follows the recent trend whereby 2014 and 2016 both saw delayed openings. Although 2015 opened on time, conditions became very poor during the last third of December. 2013 was generally OK at times but was rescued by the Christmas night / Boxing Day dump. Last year was the exception to the recent trend, which saw fantastic early conditions - though January was the real blot on what was mostly a very good season. One of the big plus points of last year, which, although it wasn't an unusually snowy season below 2000m in terms of total amounts of snow, was that the early exceptional cover meant that stones and gravel on the pistes never became an issue through the season.

So, in terms of the very recent past, the current situation is not unusual.

Fortunately there is some good news this morning, especially from the ECMWF model, which does (again) suggest the return of much wintrier weather next Friday night. Our forecast this morning highlights the fact that this potentially colder spell is not yet nailed on, but as these charts keep being churned out, we can edge towards being rather optimistic.



Bonjour. No fresh snow to report this morning on the ground at 1200m.

Today's forecast update is being prepared and is expected to be online at approx 7.45am.

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