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02/02/2019: Today's Updates... 7.00pm...


Epic snowfalls don't necessary lead to epic conditions, was the message from today, well, from this afternoon... those lucky enough to get the early pistes would have been more than happy with what was on offer, as the lifts gradually opened whilst the pisteurs assessed and dealt with the avalanche risk around the lifts and exposed pistes. Some lifts remained shut until the afternoon, with one or two remaining closed all day, such was the perceived avalanche risk.

This afternoon, the sheer volume of fresh, soft and fairly wet snow was transformed by the skier traffic into fairly mountainous mogul fields on many of the steeper pistes, making for some interesting conditions and what can only really be described as poor piste conditions, despite the lovely soft snow. These pistes should be much improved tomorrow.

How much snow fell yesterday? Our estimation is for 75cm at 1800m (+/-15cm error) from what we saw today and from other reports. More may easily have fallen higher up. The rather wet nature of the snow, due to the elevated 0c isotherm during the snowfall, did mean that the snow pack contracted under its own weight overnight, so it is difficult to be precise about this snowfall.

In terms of the weather, the clear skies of early this morning were replaced with increasingly cloudy ones and there was some mist and low cloud to end the day, before the arrival of some further snowfalls, which have just commenced. Snow is expected to continue overnight and into tomorrow. There are again a range of accumulation forecast from the models, but some very useful accumulations are possible, though we are not expecting anything like what occurred yesterday.

Next update will be an early one tomorrow with news on the overnight accumulations.


Photos from this afternoon... report update due this evening...

Snow on the snow factory.

Deep roof snow - Plaine Dranse



Telephoto to the top...


Early morning photos...


Bonjour - no further accumulations to report this morning and the skies are clear with a re-freeze of the snowpack. Today should be a very different day to the spectacular one yesterday... however, more snow is on the way later...

Updates will appear on this page today and the forecast page is expected to be updated between 7.30am and 7.45am this morning.

Many thanks again to the repeat and new tippers yesterday...

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