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02/12/2019: Today's Updates...

3.40pm: Trip Report To Super Chatel

Super Chatel was the destination for a trail run this afternoon... firstly, it was obvious that the piste by the Conche chair is a work in progress - there is some cover on it, but more is needed (see photo below). The decent snow cover starts as you get towards the Portes du Soleil restaurant - or the ridgeline under the telecabine in the photo below.

There, although the snow was wet and consolidated, there was still 30cm on the terrace of the restaurant. The pistes running down to that point looked good.

Going above 1600m and the snow factory was still chucking out ice flakes, with the mounds getting more impressive by the day.

At the telecabine top station at 1650m, the natural snow was deeper and there has been widespread piste work. The new Morclan chairlift was running - the first time we have seen that!

Going a little bit higher and a few depth measurements were taken towards 1700m.

As the snow was wet, especially as the freezing level was higher than this elevation, it was actually quite hard to dig down to get a measurement as the snow was so dense and compacted. This is good news, especially when all of this snow freezes under the clear skies which are expected tonight and on subsequent nights.

A healthy 55cm of snow was measured in places between the 1650m and 1700m elevation. Here's some further shots from up there...


Up at a misty Pre La Joux, preparations are continuing for the potential opening on Saturday. It was noticeable, that driving through Linga to PLJ, there was more snow than in the main part of the village, which is often the case in marginal snowfall events.

The lowest part of the Rochassons piste, at the bottom of PLJ, has been widened, with the main pisted area having some very decent cover - though the piste is not yet full width This should freeze tonight to make a very solid base and hopefully there will be a window of opportunity for some snowmaking this evening. The Belette road piste had also been pisted.

Once again, there were a few ski tourers about and the car parks were being cleared, with some activity at both chairlifts.

So, as it stands, the only areas of concern regarding lack of snow cover are the very lowest sections of the Super Chatel area - for example the piste to the telecabine from the bottom of the Conche chairlift and also the lowest sections of Linga. These may get the boost they need in a week's time, if the extended outlook charts develop favourably.


The link to today's forecast update has been posted at:



Bonjour from Chatel. It is a cloudy/misty start by the looks of it and there has been no snowfall overnight in the village at 1200m. Current air temperature is between 1c and 1.5c. Updates will appear here during the day and the next update will be on the snow forecast page and you can find the link from about 8am at:


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