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03/03/2019: Today's Updates... 6.00pm...


The weather has been mostly fine today with some cloud at times and some wind higher up, however, it has felt pleasantly mild again and has remained either sunny or bright for much of the time. Most ski areas were reported to be rather busy - however - there were notable exceptions, as we witnessed today.

Tomorrow sees some unsettled weather with wind, rain and snow for the ski area and updates will be posted as the snow/rain limit comes down the mountain. Most sources of info suggest modest quantities of fresh snow, though the automated Meteo France output is showing some very useful accumulations. More on this on the forecast page in the morning.

View from Mouet at lunchtime. Dents with a cap cloud.


It is a lovely sunny morning here in Chatel and a nice day for what will be the first day of the holiday, for those who arrived yesterday.

It is expected to become quite mild again today and a generally mild week is expected, as discussed over on the forecast page - with some snowier interludes likely - but at the moment there is little prospect of any sustained wintry weather. The next snowfall is expected to arrive tomorrow, though this will probably start as rain at lower elevations of the ski area and be accompanied by some strong winds, but some useful accumulations are likely before milder conditions become established for the middle of the week. Another rain and snow event is possible Thursday / Friday, the intensity of which is yet to be determined.

A look at the outlook charts from www.meteociel.fr suggests a generally westerly flow, fluctuating between northwest and southwest, so milder and cooler interludes, so precipitation will be a mix of a rain and snow. The ECMWF operational 192hr chart does provide a snowier scenario developing on the 11th March, but as that is over a week off, it need to be taken with a pinch of salt at this stage. What these charts show is that the outlook remains a generally very changeable one, but also one which is finely poised, as relatively minor adjustments could produce either snowier or less favourable conditions.


Bonjour - the skies are mostly clear this morning, with a temperature of -1.5c in the village.

A dry and mild day is likely on the ski area.

The forecast page is expected to be updated towards 7.45am this morning.

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