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03/11/2020: Snow Patches Cling On After A Very Mild Spell ...

Update 11.40am

The snowfall back on the 26th October brought a temporary, total max depth of 10cm to the village, however, since then, the weather has turned milder again. This has been particularly noticeable over the last few days, with yesterday seeing potentially record breaking November temperatures in the local valley, with values in excess of 21C recorded. The really mild temperatures has meant that the snow cover higher up has been reduced to patches (see photo below), however, there has now been 40 consecutive days of snow visible on Linga!

As we are now 5 days into a new lockdown, which is expected to last at least 4 weeks, there is obviously a great deal of speculation and uncertainty regarding the coming winter season.

Unfortunately it is far too soon to know how effective the lockdown will be, whether the confinement will end on the 1st December, whether there will be subsequent restrictions on travel and whether the lifts will open as scheduled on the 5th December.

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