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03/12/2020: Today's Updates...

Update 1.20pm:

Photo from an excursion in the Barbossine area this morning.

More photos are normally posted each day to the WhatsApp group, along with the latest Covid / resort opening news and more on the weather... details on how to join the group can be found below...

Update 9.15am:

It is a cold start in Chatel with temperatures of -4.5c in the village and closer to -7C in the valley, with clear skies, patchy cloud and low cloud and snow cannon mist.

Before taking a look at the situation tomorrow, here's a couple of photos from a few minutes ago...

Snowfall is expected to arrive tomorrow morning and last through into Friday night and perhaps into Saturday. There are mixed messages from the models regarding the duration, intensity and snow/rain limits, as well as for the potential for further snowfalls after Saturday.

Regarding snow/rain limits during tomorrow, the GFS has the forecast height of the 0c isotherm a bit lower than the higher resolution Arome model. So, according to Arome, the snow/rain limit during the day tomorrow could become a bit marginal for a time in the village, before it falls below the village later. Note there is some uncertainty regarding this as the level of the 0c isotherm is not the only factor involved, but the snowfall could have a wetter feel about it for a time at 1150m. This could change, so there'll be a further update either this evening or early tomorrow.

As for quantities, again there are mixed messages depending on which automated site you look at, however the often mostly reliable Arome model suggests around 15cm at village elevation is possible by midnight on Friday/Saturday and 20 to 25cm is a possibility higher up - with the likelihood for more to fall overnight.

Below is the Arome hi-res accumulation forecast for the period up to midnight on Friday night from www.meteociel.fr ... we will post the updated chart this evening and again early tomorrow, which will cover the period overnight into Saturday...

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