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04/01/2019: Today's Updates... 6.00pm...

Day 21 Of The 2018/19 Chatel Ski Season:


It has been quite a splendid day in terms of the blue skies and sunshine, but it also has been bone chilling cold at times, especially in those areas where the wind has been strongest. Snow conditions remain generally in the bullet hard category and just about everyone is waiting for a change in our snow fortunes - especially those lower resorts which have hardly been able to open a piste all holiday.

Snow still appears likely next Tuesday / Wednesday. How much snow is impossible to pin point, as its all still quite a way off, however, as it stands today, we are perhaps looking at a range of somewhere between 10cm and 30cm at mid-station. This means that useful snow quantities are possible, though the preferred outcome would obviously be at the top end of this range. Both lower and higher figures are possible, depending on how the charts develop, so the next few days will be a bit nerve shredding for the resort managers of those resorts that are desperate for fresh snow and for those looking to satisfy their craving for powder snow.

Looking further ahead, and the models are hinting at the possibility of a very unsettled spell of weather during the mid-month period, which brings the tantalising possibilty of a potent westerly or northwesterly flow, steaming into this part of the Alps. This could be a game changer - but remains firmly in the "possible" rather than "likely" filing cabinet of categories - for the time being at least! One word of caution is that high pressure could still be rather more resilient to the Atlantic than is being modelled and also, there is always the possibility of more of a southwesterly flow, which would not really bear thinking about... however - there is certainly room for cautious optimism going forward - based on the models and also based on the titbits of info from the professional agencies.

Today's photos come courtesy of an afternoon trail run up to Mouet...

The views from Mouet always deliver.

Sun setting behind Mont de Grange.


Wind has been causing issues in the ski area today, with Cornebois shutting for a short while, before re-opening. It is also a really cold one out there and the snow cannon continue to pump out snow across much of the area, creating some very variable piste conditions in their immediate vicinity, as well as visibility issues.

We'll be taking a look at the models regarding the prospects for snow, on an update later today.


Bonjour... It is cold and clear here in Chatel with temperatures in the village and valley between -9c and -10c, with the snow cannon continuing to produce snow.

Forecast update is expected at 7.30am, or perhaps a bit before...

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