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04/03/2019: Today's Updates... 6.20pm...


Snow and graupel / pellets have been falling from time to time in the village since the last update - but we are still in dusting territory at 1200m. There has been fresh snow higher up - but it continues to be blown around up there by the strong winds - so how much has fallen higher up will be very hard to fathom. Further snow showers are possible this evening - but it will be a lottery as to whether we see a covering in the village - however, some models do suggest we could see a few cm's on the ski area overnight tonight...


Snow flurries have been coming and going since the last update and there are still some big gusts of wind blowing in the village and valley. A few lifts have opened this afternoon, but it has been a day of disruption on the ski area.


A period of blowing snow brought a dusting of wet snow to some surfaces in the village, though it has been mostly dry in the last hour. The wind has dropped in the village, however there are only 5 lifts open out of a possible 40, with the vast majority of the ski area still closed.


Strong winds and thunder have shut all the lifts in the last 30 minutes - but snow is now falling in the village...


Strong winds have kept much of the ski area closed this morning, as the lift report from 10.10am below shows. The rain and snow has also arrived and the temperature is now easing down nicely, after those really mild early temperatures - so we should see some wintry precipitation arriving in the village...


Some big gusts of wind have been blowing through the village early this morning, with one or two spots of rain in the wind, but it is still essentially dry at the moment. The wind brought a foehn effect with the temperature shooting up to 12c in a very short space of time!


Bonjour - it is a cloudy, windy and mild start to the day here in the village, with air temperatures around 6c...

The forecast page is expected to be updated at 7.45am this morning.

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