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05/03/2019: Today's Updates... 11.20am...


The skies are mostly blue again here in Chatel after the the really rather unpleasant and disruptive weather of Monday, which has resulted in a disappointing outcome in terms of snowfall, but there are some decent conditions being reported on the ski area - but with some noticeable variations, due to only a dusting falling lower down and the wind re-distributed snow of higher up. So, some harder pistes in some areas today, with some softer areas knocking about too... but it is also very busy.

Yesterday was another one of those disappointing rain to snow cold front events, that often don't deliver - as although the front was an active one, it passed through relatively quickly meaning there was only a short period of snowfall for the lower elevations, with the shower lottery scenario following on behind, also not delivering. Yesterday also saw that remarkable foehn led rise in temperature during the morning - which didn't help matters.

Photo from Barbossine early this morning - you can just see the ice glistening under a thin dusting of snow on the grass in the foreground.

Looking ahead and there is the possibility of another foehn event tomorrow or tomorrow night, with a changeable few days to follow, with some modest snowfalls possible. There is more interest in the period starting from Monday of next week, as the charts shown below, from www.meteociel.fr suggest.

Monday could see some useful snowfall, though there are enough variations in the charts for plenty of uncertainty regarding snow/rain limits. Of more interest is the second half of next week, which could see an Atlantic ridge of high pressure and low pressure diving into Europe - which could (note the word could) bring a few days of wintry weather and significant snowfall. As that is over 7 days away, it is too soon to get too excited, but there does look like some interesting developments brewing as we head towards mid-March.


Bonjour - the overnight showers have only brought a dusting to the village. There is currently plenty of cloud overhead are there still one or two wintry showers in the area. Temperature is 0.5c.

The forecast page is expected to be updated at 7.30am this morning.

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