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06/12/2020: Today's Updates...

Update 5.35pm:

Models are less keen on snowfall tonight... so a dusting possible, but there remains a great deal of uncertainty.

Update 1.05pm:

Latest model updates (6z) suggest 1cm to 5cm is possible overnight tonight. Will post an update after the 12z charts are available early this evening.

An excursion up to Mouet this morning found similar amounts of snow at just under 1800m to those in the village. Photos below... brighter weather looking down the Abondance valley with cloudier skies over in Switzerland...

Update 9.30am:

The weather continues to be dry this morning in Chatel, after the overnight snowfall. The 0c isotherm may rise to close 1400m or 1500m for a time today, before tumbling again later. The models are again providing mixed messages regarding the prospects for further snowfall over the next 24 hours, but at the moment it does look like staying mostly dry, despite some models suggesting it should be snowing at the moment! There remains the chance of isolated flurries, especially tonight, but probably not amounting to much. As the situation is currently prone to change at short notice, the chances of snowfall will be monitored throughout the day and updates posted if the situ changes.

Looking ahead and although there could be some light snowfalls during the week, the period of most interest appears to be at the back end of the coming week and into next weekend.

Update 8.00am:

Bonjour from Chatel... the news is good this morning in terms of snowfall - with an additional 5cm falling overnight. Current air temperature in the village is 0.7c, it is cloudy but dry and it looks as though there is snowmaking higher up on the ski area too.

Photo from a short while ago below and there will be a look at the forecast on an update around 9.30am.

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