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07/03/2019: Today's Updates... 6.25pm..


The snow/rain limit has been close to the village today with further showers this afternoon, though not adding much in the way of additional accumulations - however, more snow has fallen than expected across the ski area (except at the bottom), with reports of 15cm to 20cm of fresh snow since last night at 1800m and above - though there has been plenty of snow re-distribution due to the wind. A late afternoon excursion in the Barbossine area found close to 10cm of fresh snow in some areas as low as 1450m and a wide range of snow conditions - with some re-freezing under the clearing skies, along with milder areas where the sun was melting the snow on the trees - so plenty of contrasts. We were also in Linga this afternoon where it was rain and sleet showers at 1100m and snow a little higher up.

Just to go back to last night's foehn event and the spectacular rise in temperature within a few minutes, corresponded with a big drop in humidity - which was the natural equivalent of a hairdryer being switched on. Fortunately the foehn effect was shortlived...

Late afternoon on Barbossine.


Since the last update, there has been a period of persistent sleet and snow in the village, with further accumulations higher up - but only a generally slushy and incomplete fresh dusting in the village. Currently drier and trying to brighten up. All lifts re-opened late this morning.


Top lifts on Linga and PLJ shut this morning - but rest of the area now functioning normally.


The snow turned more to sleet in the village as the precipitation got lighter, with a very wet and slushy covering at 1200m. Currently light sleet falling.


A spell of heavy wet snow for the village this morning... photo from a couple of minutes ago...


After a topsy turvy night of temperatures due to a strong foehn effect, it is now snowing in the village, with a wet dusting so far... the forecast page may be a few minutes late this morning...


It’s the middle of the night - so a post after being woken up by the strong winds and the wind has brought the expected foehn effect with temperatures rising from around 4c at 2.30am to nearly 13c at just after 3am!!!!

The forecast page is expected to be updated at 7.45am this morning.

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