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07/11/2019: Today's Updates... Rain & Snow Today... 7.00pm...


There was a brief spell of wet snow in the village this morning, bringing a dusting to 1300m, before the snow/rain limit rose up to not far from 1600m for a time, before it eased back down late this afternoon. Since 5pm, snow has been falling in the village and it is just starting to whiten some surfaces again. The latest models suggest a covering for the village overnight, though it will be a wet covering as the 0c isotherm is not expected to reach the village, however, the accumulations should again be mounting a bit higher up on the upper half of the ski area, where it has been snowing all day.

Thereafter, there are some very mixed messages regarding tomorrow's forecast with GFS very keen on bringing in a further spell of snowfall, whereas some of the higher res models are suggesting very little if any snowfall - but more on this on the early update tomorrow.

Before signing off, here is the latest Arome update from Meteociel.fr. which is more optimistic about overnight snowfall than it was this morning...


Bonjour from Chatel, where there has been a valley frost but no overnight precipitation to report, however, we are starting to look a bit more like a ski resort on the upper half of the mountain.

Today, the front bringing another spell of precipitation is moving in a little quicker than was envisaged yesterday evening, so some rain and snow is on the way this morning. The models are again showing marked differences in where the snow/rain limit will be with the Arome charts suggesting it will be a marginal event for the village until this evening, whereas GFS suggests a lower snow/rain limit during the day - so some uncertainty on this one. The chart showing Arome's view on accumulations up to 7am Friday is shown below. There are also differences regarding the potential for snowfall tomorrow, but more on this on the evening update, when hopefully we'll be reporting some further snowfall.

Details on this seasons potential update schedule, forecasts etc will be posted at the weekend.

Photos below taken a few minutes ago and the chart is of course copyright Meteociel.fr.

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