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08/01/2019: Today's Updates... 8.20pm...

Day 25 Of The 2018/19 Chatel Ski Season:


Little update - couple more cm's have fallen in the village this evening, bringing the total at our location to 4cm. Currently snowing very lightly.


Conditions are improving on the ski area with a bit of fresh snow today, which we discovered on a few laps in the Linga area late this afternoon. The pistes were fresher than they have been since before Christmas and the snow was falling. The pistes were running fast, except right at the bottom which was noticeably stickier. Not much snow has fallen yet, as there was only about 3cm of fresh at the bottom of Linga at 1100m, up to a couple of cm's at our location close to 1200m in Chatel and a little bit more up at the top of the Linga telecabine. This slow start to the snowfall was expected and it is the period from tonight to tomorrow night that promises much more interest.

There continues to be quite a range of snow accumulation forecasts for tonight and tomorrow, with Meteo France bizarrely showing a really large amount of snow on its website, but loads less on its info which is displayed on sites like skiinfo. fr - which is just odd! A screen grab of this output has been made from the Meteo France site - which can't be displayed here for copyright reasons, but it is suggesting a total of 58.5cm for the top and 41.5cm for the bottom - presumably this is from the Arpege model output - but that figure for the village appears a less likely scenario at the moment.

The other popular sites all suggest we should do OK, but one of the highest resolution models, Arome, has toned down its amounts for tomorrow, by around 20% by the looks of it, which is a concern, but doesn't mean it is right. There is always an element of luck involved in any snowfall and particularly in these showery, cold northerly plunges that we will see tomorrow

So at the moment, we are not writing off any scenario, however, that suggestion of 40cm for the village does not sit right with the rest of the available info.

Next update will be on the 09/01/2019 Today's Update page - probably at around 6.30am tomorrow morning, with the snow forecast page likely to be updated by 7.30am.

Let's hope for good news...

Late pm on Linga.


Recently back from a late afternoon trip to Linga for a few laps - report to follow early evening (before 7pm hopefully), with also a look at the latest models and what they are suggesting for the period from tonight until tomorrow night..


Snow has been falling on and off since the last update - still not reached 1cm in the village yet.

A quick jog up in the Barbossine area found the views gradually becoming more wintry again.

The 6z Arome model has toned down its accumulation predictions for the period up to 19.00hrs tomorrow, which is never a welcome trend, but we should get a better idea on the situ from the late afternoon and early evening model runs, which will cover the period beyond, to see if the potential overall totals of this snowfall have changed since this morning's forecast.

Flammet on Barbossine at midday.


Light snow has been falling in the last 30 minutes, with flakes falling, rather than the tiny snizzly bits of earlier in the day.


Not much happening here at the moment - there is plenty of cloud with very little snow emerging from it in the village.

9am view.

Just for interest - below is the accumulated precipitation chart from Arome for the period up to 19.00hrs tomorrow (from Meteociel.fr) - note that these are rainfall equivalent precipitation totals so there is a conversion calculation to be done for snowfall amounts. One point of interest is the low amounts of precipitation forecast for the Chamonix Valley in comparison to the Abondance Valley - which again questions the use of Chamonix forecasts for this area. They are excellent for the Chamonix area, but of varying relevance to this area.

The second point of interest is the possibly higher accumulations to the northwest of this area, towards Bernex.

Thirdly, some more precipitation is expected after this timeframe, so some very useful accumulations are possible by Thursday morning, if this model is right.


Bonjour from Chatel where it has started snowing with a dusting in the village so far.

The forecast page is expected to be update at approx 7.30am ...

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