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08/01/2020: Today's Updates... Day 28...


An afternoon of blue skies, with unchanged skiing conditions, so still "mostly good", though there remains plenty of icier surprises on some of the steeper pistes. On the whole, the snow is holding up remarkably well, which is being helped by some great overnight piste maintenance and also the fact that the skies have remained clear.

With the sun still relatively low in the sky, there is limited softening of the pistes in the sunshine, so we are mostly avoiding the concrete early morning conditions - though there are one or two exceptions to this, especially lower down.

One thing of note this afternoon / evening is that the GFS model is hinting at a potential change from about 9 days away. This is still far to far off for any excitement, but it does mean that we may see a little bit more interest in the charts over the coming days. The first thing we need to see is that potential change appear in the models within a 7 day timeframe.

Also, there remains the prospect of a bit of snow overnight into Friday, but more about that on tomorrow morning's forecast update.

Photos from the Combes this afternoon.


The sun has been shining again here in Chatel, continuing the amazing spell of mountain weather. However, there is going to be a blip in the dry period, with some precipitation still expected to arrive overnight into early Friday morning.

At the moment, it still looks like being a marginal event for the village - ie the snow rain/limit may be close to 1200m at times, however, there remains the chance of a light, but always welcome, covering of fresh snow for many elevations of the ski area.

Below is the Arpege model's broad brush take on the potential accumulations.

At this stage, we are not expecting much more than a dusting for the village, however, we could squeak 5cm's higher up...

Chart from www.meteociel.fr


Bonjour from Chatel. Temperatures are ranging between -1C and -5C in the village and valley area with a marked temperature inversion in place, with clear skies overhead...

...more info will be posted on today's forecast page at... http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - which is normally online around 8am or earlier, followed by further updates on this page today.

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