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08/11/2019: Today's Updates... 7.05pm...


This morning's snowfall petered out and there has been a slow thaw in the village since, though the glimpses between the clouds of what lies higher up have been exciting to see.

Hopefully, we'll have a report from up there over the weekend.

Although this morning's cover was very uneven, with some surfaces seeing no snow, we did find some posts which had 6cm of snow on them.

Although low pressure systems will be barrelling into Europe over the next week, we don't yet know whether one will be in the sweet spot to give us a properly big dump of snow. At the moment the models are suggesting very little in the way of fresh snowfall out to Tuesday, so some patience may be required.

Next update early tomorrow.


There will be an update this evening, but before then, here's a photo from late this afternoon...


Snow has continued to fall since the last update, though it it is very light now and it has not really added to village accumulations due to the generally wet nature of it. Should be much more interesting higher up.

Very little, if any further snowfall is expected in the next 24 hours.

Next update expected this evening.


Snow has fallen overnight here in Chatel - not alot but some surfaces have close to 5cm of wet snow on them, whereas other surfaces are bare. Temperatures are above 0c, hence the wet nature of the snow.

Photo from a few mins ago...

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