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08/12/2019: Day 2 Of The 2019/20 Season...


The fine weather meant that conditions on the ski area were generally very good again today for early December. The overnight clear skies resulted in harder pistes in comparison to yesterday morning, which was particularly noticeable below 1800m. However, the piste maintenance teams had done an immaculate grooming job, which were about as smooth as you can get - it really was an impressive sight first thing - near perfection! There was a bit of chilly breeze up top again at times, but the sunshine felt pleasant enough, though we did not stay for the afternoon session, so how much softening of the pistes took place this afternoon is not known.

Snowfall is expected tomorrow (hooray!). The latest model runs are coming out as this update is being typed and suggest that a significant snow event is still a possibility with further snowfall possible on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We have already mentioned on the forecast page that the end of the week and next weekend is highly uncertain regarding where the rain/snow limits are going to be, but the advice at the moment is to take the forecasts for that period with a bit of a pinch of salt at the moment. Why, well because a quick comparison between the GFS and UK Met Office model run shows substantial differences for late this week, so nothing is a done deal just yet. The UK Met Office chart for Friday is potentially very, very snowy, so lets hope it on the right track, though whether this results in a different evolution beyond Saturday is where the main issue lies, as some GFS charts this evening are suggesting a very wet Sunday 15th. There will be plenty of comment on how this all pans out during the week.

Back to tomorrow's forecast and the models are all suggesting that we will see snowfall with some suggestions that 40cm of snow is possible on some parts of the upper half of the ski area. The potentially showery nature of tomorrow's snowfall does mean that some caution is advised in terms of expectations, however, this element of luck does of course bring the possibility of higher accumulations, as well as the potential for more modest results. All in all, it should be a very interesting day.

Note that tomorrow, the forecast early in the morning and updates on this page will be posted only to the WhatsApp group. So, if you don't want to miss out on the several snow reports scheduled for this upcoming potential snow event, then see the details at the bottom of this page. If you want to see the updates, but don't want to join the WhatsApp group, then we can also set up emailing of the updates - so contact us on the form below for more info. Snow reports and the forecast will be available to all again on Tuesday.


It has been a really rather nice day here in Chatel... report update and a look at the models expected this eve before 7.30pm...


Bonjour from Chatel - it is clear and chilly in the village with a temperature inversion in place this morning and clear skies overhead. Temperatures in the valley are around -2.5c, but it is closer to 0c near the centre of the village.

Today's forecast link will be posted at about 8am at... http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php

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