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09/02/2019: Today's Updates... 7.10pm...


Winds were strong enough to have caused some issues this afternoon on some lifts and this may be repeated more widely during tomorrow.

There is a bit of an interesting situation tomorrow afternoon with the arrival of a rain to snow event, with the rain in the afternoon, turning to snow in the village with the passage of a cold front. These type of events can be a bit of an anticlimax as the cold front sometimes rushes through, leaving not much fresh snow at the village elevation. This might be the case later tomorrow, with an intense but brief period of snowfall late in the day. What may be more productive for the lower elevations is the passage of another front or showery trough moving through late in the evening - however, this does bring a showery, lottery element to snowfall predictions for overnight tomorrow.

More on this on the early updates tomorrow...


The weather has been showery since the last update, with brighter spells and an elevated snow/rain limited. It is a bit of a come down after a mostly great week on the ski area, as we await the snow later tomorrow. Winds have been strong higher up today and may cause some issues tomorrow...


Cloudy here at the moment, though drier... winds are reportedly strong at the top...


Bonjour - it is a bit damp in the village early this morning with a mix of rain, sleet and a few flakes of snow falling...

Updates will appear on this page today and the forecast page is expected to be updated

towards 7.45am this morning.

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