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09/03/2019: Today's Updates... 7.20pm...


It has been a cloudy and increasingly showery day here in Chatel and the Abondance Valley with the snow/rain limit edging up the mountain. We spend the day in the Cret Beni area of La Chapelle, which was quiet, with rather wet snow on the pistes - below was an early morning view from there... the weather did improve for a time, but this afternoon was damp with rain or drizzle and sleet.

Tomorrow looks very unsettled with wind, rain and snow - but the snow should return to lower elevations later in the day...


The skies are cloudy this morning in Chatel with a temperature above 1c and the cloud heralds what is expected to be an increasingly unsettled weekend...

The forecast page is expected to be updated at 7.15am this morning.

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