• The Chatel Snow Report

09/11/2018: Mild Weather...

There is not much to report from Chatel today... the weather has remained mild and the thaw of the lying snow is continuing higher up, under bright, but partly cloudy skies.

This morning's model runs continue to show very little interest in terms of snowfall arriving in the next 7 to 10 days. The models do chop and change from day to day and at some point we will start to see the first genuine hints of winter arriving, however, until then it looks like staying on the mild side of average.

Over the weekend, we'll be taking a closer look at the models and seeing if there are any hints of when the current weather pattern may change, including any conditions that might be suitable for snow making, so until then... bye for now.

Linga Chatel
Looking Across To Linga at Midday.

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12/04/2021: Today's Updates...

Update: 1.30pm: Overnight snowfall brought up to 6cm to the village - with less on other surfaces and alot of it has now thawed at this elevation. It was interesting to see more snow a few miles away