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10/01/2019: Today's Updates... 7.00pm...

Day 27 Of The 2018/19 Chatel Ski Season:


So after a two of the best days of the season so far, what is coming up next?

A period of precipitation is on the way from Saturday night until the end of Monday and the current info suggests that this could bring more snowfall than the event of yesterday and Tuesday. Although subtle changes could still play a part, either enhancing or putting a bit of dampener on things, there is a reasonable chance of 50cm+ falling on many parts of the ski area, with both the Arpege and GFS runs this evening bringing 70cm+ to the heart of the ski area, with significant snowfalls right across the ski areas of Haute Savoie. The pattern bringing this potential snow event is still on a bit of a knife edge, as snow/rain limits could be marginal during Sunday, however, the signs are promising. Yes, these models are not the most accurate at this range, however in this case there is room for optimism. Fingers crossed the pattern depicted on today's charts does not downgrade and goes the other way for a change.

Thereafter, there may be a relatively short drier period, before we see the chance of snowfalls increase again after midweek.

Time is a bit short this evening, so the discussion regarding yesterday's snowfall will have to wait until tomorrow, when there will obviously be more on the weekend snowfall, starting on the forecast page at 7.30am.


Currently working on an update - should be online 7.30pm...


Snow conditions have been transformed across the Chatel ski area, as we discovered this morning, with some lovely, cold, soft, powdery snow to be found. There were exceptions, for example in areas where the cannon are operating, the pistes were much harder (eg sections of Linga), however, in general the snow was great. There was some wind at the top of the chairs, especially on Rochassons and over into Avoriaz and this had a significant wind chill as temperatures were low - so it isn't a day for hanging around. Avoriaz was busy (as usual).

How much snow has fallen? Good question, which is impossible to answer as the wind had done quite a re-distribution job overnight, but at 1800m in the Chatel area, approx 35cm has fallen since Tuesday, which is a useful, rather than a significant and game changing snowfall, as areas such as the main runs on Barbossine remain shut, as does the link to Morgins, quite a few pistes in La Chapelle and most pistes in Torgon. In fact, although Chatel has 32 out 46 pistes open, the whole of the Espace Liberte area (Chatel / La Chapelle & Torgon) has only 47 out of 81 pistes open today, so the situation has some way to go before it can be called normal.

It was interesting to see an avalanche had come down from the summit area of Linga, across the track that runs from the top of the Combes chair to the pisteurs hut - presumably as part of the safety work by the pisteurs early this morning.

Next update expected early evening, with a look ahead and a look at the recent snowfall.

View from Combes chair.

View from Rochassons.


It is clear and cold, so the updates will have to wait a little while, as the ski area is beckoning...

View into the centre.


The fresh snowfall since yesterday evening is an additional 2cm of powder snow at our village location, bringing the total since 7am yesterday to 11cm and 22cm since the snow started falling on Tuesday.

Currently dry, but cloudy (edit 6.40am - after taking another look it is mostly clear now), with temperatures in the village and valley between -9c and -10c.

Reaction on the snowfall amounts received etc, during the day on this page, with the forecast page update expected at around 7.30am...

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