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10/11/2018: A Trip Up To Mouet...

Firstly, a huge thank you to the people who have already used the Pay Pal donate/tip button on the site, which will help to cover our running costs this season and the time taken to bring you the very latest information on Chatel's snow conditions and the future prospects for snowfall. So again a big thank you - you know who you are!

Back to the weather, and it is a fairly mild and rather cloudy day here in Chatel, after some clearer skies brought a touch of grass frost to the valley. Some sunny intervals are appearing as this update is being typed but our outing this morning was under rather overcast skies. Today's destination was the Alpage du Mouet, which sits at a touch under 1800m and is a great spot for a drink or bite to eat during the summer season. A jog up from the village was rewarded by the usual lovely views, despite the rather gloomy weather.

As can be seen from the photos, any snow is restricted to the highest parts of the area and the snow line on Linga is edging back up the mountain side. We'll probably have a look over the other side of Linga towards the Combes / Cornebois area early next week, however, it is very obvious that there is not enough snow in the area for any early opening of the lifts.

This morning's models have continued the really rather uninspiring theme of recent days, with mostly dry and mild conditions likely for at least the next week and possibly at least 10 days. We'll take a closer look at these models, with some examples, in a post later this afternoon.

Bye for now...

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