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10/12/2020: Today's Updates...

Update 10.20am:

Fronts are expected to affect the Chatel area during tomorrow and on Saturday, with the first precipitation expected in Chatel by the early to mid afternoon period tomorrow. The snow/rain limit may potentially rise to the village or above for a time, before the snow/rain limit falls again during the evening and overnight period into Saturday. Further outbreaks of snow are expected on Saturday with a snow rain limit potentially around 1000m (+ or - 200m). Drier weather is then set to return for Sunday, along with some generally milder air. If skies remain clear, then the vast majority of the ski area will shrug off any potentially milder spell, however, there looks like being a potentially cloudier and milder incursion on Tuesday, with perhaps some rain to higher elevations for a time, as low pressure near to Britain is set to introduce a changeable southwesterly feed for a time. Uncertainties lie in the progress of the low pressure and associated fronts moving into the continent and whether the Chatel area will eventually tap into some cooler air again, which could see any rain turn to snow beyond midweek.

Looking further ahead, some extended outlook charts do suggest the chance of something very snowy and wintry out at about 10 days and into the Christmas period, however, that is obviously a very long way off.

Below this post you will find a snapshot from various timeframes of the major models - with Atlantic low pressure giving the UK a battering, trying to move into the continent.

So, in summary, some snow is expected tomorrow and on Saturday, but under less cold conditions and with a generally higher snow/rain limit than has been the case this week. Thereafter, there will be a drier and milder interlude, before the possibility of a rain to snow event from next Tuesday.

As for amounts of snowfall, below is a potentially optimistic accumulation chart from the broad-brush Arpege model, which shows the possibilities, though other models are showing much more conservative amounts. We should have more of an idea on tomorrow morning's Arome model update - so watch this space.

Charts from meteociel.fr ...

Update 8.20am:

Clear skies this morning here in Chatel, after the snowfall of Tuesday night and yesterday. The light snow which fell yesterday ended up adding about another cm to the overnight total, so it ended up being a useful 8cm for the village, adding to the existing snow cover.

Piste preparation work is continuing on the ski area along with the vast snow making operation, with a good base being created on many of the key pistes, which is excellent news for when the lifts will be allowed to open.

Here's a couple of early morning photos. There will be another update this morning, taking a look at the prospects for the next snowfall.

Update 7.10am:

Bonjour from Chatel... and it has been a cold night with temperatures in the village and immediate valley area of between -6c and -10c...

Updates to follow...

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