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10/12/2018: Today's Updates... 9.00pm...


The snow showers have continued this evening and brought another 2.5cm to our location just below 1200m, bringing a total to this elevation since last night of 14cm, of which 6cm fell after 7am. Temperatures are currently close to 0C and further snow flurries are possible tonight.

Early updates again tomorrow... photo below from a few minutes ago...


The ski area is looking in far, far better shape than it was just a couple of days ago, which has come as a relief to every one. It is by no means perfect, with the lower slopes still only having a thin cover of natural snow, however, there is the possibility of some conditions that might allow some snowmaking from time to time over the coming nights. Temperatures look like remaining reasonably subdued this week, not particularly cold, although there should be some low overnight temperatures over the snowpack when (if) skies clear. The next question is when is it going to snow again?

That question is not straightforward at the moment - which is unfortunate. Before last weekend, there was some optimism that high pressure over Scandinavia might be displaced relatively easily by Atlantic low pressure and, with the help of a favourable jet stream, it looked as though we could see a really potent snowfall scenario develop for the end of this week, with a moisture laden, long fetch west-northwesterly airstream combining with air cold enough to bring significant snowfalls for all of the ski area. Unfortunately the models have backtracked from these snow laden charts and have been struggling with this high pressure over Scandinavia scenario. One issue is that the high is now looking a bit more resilient than first thought and although it should still be displaced, the charts have evolved into something less appealing.

So, tentatively, it looks as though we may see a pulse of milder arrive next weekend with perhaps a rain and snow event on Sunday. There is a chance that the snow/rain limits could be high, at least for a time, which could cause some issues for the thin snowpack on the lowest pistes. There is not much point in looking beyond that potential, initial milder pulse, as various scenarios could evolve over the coming days and it would not take much of an adjustment in the charts to see this area be situated far enough north to avoid the milder air altogether.

Before then, there is a chance of a bit more snow overnight tonight and again later in the week, so it will be good if the cannon are able to operate in the near future.


OK, so back from the trip to the top of the Linga telecabine. The news is generally much, much better than yesterday. From various measuring sites at just below 1800m, there is 50cm (error or +/- 5cm) of fresh snow, on top of maybe 10cm of soft base underneath. There were deeper pockets of snow that were stumbled into, due to the redistribution and drifting of the snow from the strong winds, and also some less deep areas, but it was looking generally really good up there. Below 1600m, there is less snow than this, gradually getting less and less until you get to 1300m/1200m, where there is up to about 15cm of snow in the Linga area.

Conditions were not suitable for snowmaking, but this might change tonight. Light snow was falling during the hike and we will have flurries in the village, though nothing has been added here since the last measurement this morning.

Tomorrow, the destination will be PLJ, with the intention to get up Rochassons and see if the accumulations are similar to what was found at Linga, as we do notice differences in depths of fresh snow between these 2 sectors at times.

Next update due this evening with a look at the models and the question of what comes next.

Below are some photos from the Linga hike...


Posting this from top of Linga telecabine - cold hands! Lots of deep pockets of fresh snow - average fresh depth appears to be approx 50cm at this elevation - margin of error +\- 5cm. Heading down...


1.5cm of fresh wet snow has fallen at 1200m since the last update, bringing the total to 11.5cm.

Off to investigate the higher areas - next update potentially from on the mountain...


A further 2cm of snow has fallen at 1200m since 7am, bringing the total for this snowfall at this elevation to 10cm. Air temperatures are just above 0c.


A view, peering through the falling snow towards the centre of the village...


8cm of snow has fallen at our location just below 1200m up to 7am this morning.

Some surfaces have less cover. Currently snowing moderately. The snow forecast page is expected to be updated by 7.45am, with further reports on here during the day.


Bonjour. It is snowing at 1200m this morning.

Update on accumulations between 7am and 7.30am.

Photo below from a few mins ago...

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