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11/03/2019: Today's Updates... 7.15pm...


Snow has continued to fall on and off this afternoon with a couple of heavier bursts and the total of recorded snowfall in the village is 6cm. A bit higher up at between 1400m and 1500m, we consistently found close to 10cm of fresh snow, with plenty of deeper drifts. The wind has continued to blow and there are reports of the cables on the Chaux de Fleurie chairlift out of Lindarets becoming tangled, resulting in the rescue of the passengers! At one stage most of the upper lifts in the Chatel area were closed, however, this afternoon all but 2 re-opened, with Combes and the L'Echo Alpin remaining shut.

Some sunshine is expected tomorrow, but the strong winds are expected to return later in the day...

Late afternoon on Col du Saix.


The morning and lunchtime snow showers have delivered 4cm to the village. Currently bright with snow flurries and the wind has eased down here, but some upper lifts remain shut.


Wind and snow... a period of heavy snow has affected the area, with a return of the strong winds which has shut down all of the upper lifts again. There is blowing snow in the village. Update on accumulations etc a bit later - but it does look as though we should see more snow than we were expecting on this morning's forecast.

A bit earlier, a trip was made into the Barbossine area, with snow showers blowing through, with drifting snow and scoured areas, with some hard snow underneath the thin layer of fresh.


One or two snow showers have been moving through the area since the last update, though not bringing more than another dusting to the village. Currently dry, with some brighter moments and plenty of cloud. Winds are not causing any lift disruption at the moment, with 40/40 lifts open. Photo from a few minutes ago...


Bonjour... there has been a dusting of snow overnight in the village (on some surfaces)... some snow is expected today so updates will appear through the day... temperatures currently a touch above 0c.

The forecast page is expected to be updated at 7.50am this morning.

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