• The Chatel Snow Report

11/11/2018: Morclan, Ombrieux & Tour de Don...

The weather brightened up nicely today here in Chatel and there was some warm sunshine for a time, which was an added bonus for today's trip which was a jog up to Super Chatel, then on to Morclan, across the Ombrieux crete and up to Tour de Don, then back to Chatel via Barbossine.

The views were as spectacular as ever... slideshow below...

There was a couple of points of interest spotted regarding the pistes.

The Forestiere piste, which is the relatively new piste that takes you to the bottom of the Portes du Soleil chairlift, but has hardly been open since it was created, is now firmly fenced off due to slope stability issues. There is considerable doubt as to whether it will open this season.

Secondly, the piste/track from the top of Barbossine that takes you onto the steeper L'Epervier piste has been widened. Photos below.

Forestiere fenced off.

Piste widening.

Bye for now... next update expected to be on Monday afternoon (12/11/2018).

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