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11/01/2019: Today's Updates... 7.05pm...

Day 28 Of The 2018/19 Chatel Ski Season:


One or two snowflakes have been drifting slowly down this evening here in Chatel and there remains a chance of a dusting tonight, however, the main point of interest is still the period from tomorrow evening until Monday night.

Significant snowfall remains reasonably likely for that period, with just the annoyance of some uncertainty regarding snow/rain limits on Sunday afternoon, with the models disagreeing on this, however, most elevations should do well out of the snow event and hopefully all elevations will. The Sunday afternoon period will be within the range of the Arome model on tomorrow morning's model runs, so this should help in determining where the snow/rain limit might be situated, and also give us a better indication of potential accumulations.

More on this early tomorrow.


There have been some periods of lovely weather this morning and lunchtime here in Chatel with excellent snow cover on the runs that are open. Piste quality is mostly very good, with some harder areas to be found close by to where the cannon have been operating. The further snowmaking should secure the base for the rest of the season.

A look around the Barbossine area this morning was aimed at seeing how much snow was on the closed pistes in that sector. The majority of the L'Epervier piste was found to have good coverage, though it was thin at the bottom and the final stretch into the lift station was very thin in places, so you can see why they have kept it shut for the time being. With the potential weekend snowfall boosting accumulations, it should be open by Monday - fingers crossed.

Photos below from the excursion... update expected early evening with a look at the latest models views on the upcoming snowfall...

Chalet Theo with Morclan in the background.

Bottom of the currently closed L'Epervier piste.


Here is the latest Arpege snow accumulation chart from www.meteociel.fr, which is definitely in the interesting category, rather than in the "let's get carried away" category. This model's output is why the Meteo France site is showing large amounts of snowfall for the area on its website this morning. The one positive from this chart is the relatively even distribution of snowfall across the region, indicative of the generally northwesterly nature of this potential snow event, which does increase the chance of a significant snowfall event, however, we have seen such amazing charts before from this model...


A red sky in the morning (well pink-ish red!) ...


Bonjour - there is some cloud cover this morning, however, temperatures are below -10c in the village area and dipped to below -12.5c a short distance down the valley overnight.

The forecast page is expected to be updated between 7.30am and 7.45am.

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