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12/01/2021: Today's Updates...

Updated: Jan 16

Update 5.30pm:

Snow has been falling since late morning and the total of fresh accumulations so far in the village is 9.5cm of powder (up to 5.15pm). Snow is currently falling.

Photos posted on the WhatsApp group.

Next update - very early tomorrow morning with the overnight total...

Update 9.00am:

Snow is on the way today and will fall to really low elevations for a time, before less cold air results in a rise in the snow/ rain limit to around about 1000m tonight, perhaps edging up towards 1100m during the early hours of tomorrow morning. Thereafter, further snowfall is expected during Wednesday, though the Arome model suggests an 0c isotherm of 1600m at midday and 1500m at 6pm, which suggest that the rain/snow boundary will be close to the village during tomorrow afternoon, which does mean that the accumulating snow line may be just above the village at times. As is always the case during these marginal situations, the boundary of snow and rain may vary by about +/- 200m to what is forecast, so the village could quite easily get a further plastering, or it could see an unwanted wetter period. Areas such as the lower part of the Abondance valley, such as Abondance and also the Morzine valley could see more in the way of rain tomorrow. Periods of heavier precipitation can see the snow/rain boundary lower considerably, which just adds to the uncertainty.

The hi-res Arome model update this morning is certainly a good one in terms of this snowfall for the area - as shown below. Charts from www.meteociel.fr

Further snowfall is likely after the timeframe of these charts, so if this model is correct, parts of the ski area could be close to seeing 1m of snow by the weekend. One thing to note is that the avalanche risk is expected to rise to the highest levels over the coming days.

An update on the snowfall will be posted later today.

Next week still looks very interesting, but our look at that period will now take place tomorrow.

Update 7.00am:

Bonjour from Chatel. Minimum temperatures appear to have been around -13c in the valley area overnight, however, they are edging upwards and are currently -11c in the valley and between -7c and -8c in the village. Snow is on the way today and there will be a look at the latest model predictions on an update during the morning, with tomorrow looking like being very marginal event for the village elevation, as some slightly milder air arrives...

The lifts on the ski area are closed until further notice. Next update from the French government is expected around the 20th January.

Bars, restaurants and cafes are expected to remain closed until further notice (takeaway services allowed).

Although confinement has ended in France - an overnight curfew is in place from 8pm to 6am.

Private gatherings indoors should be kept to a maximum of 6 adults according to advice from the French government.

Travel between regions in France is allowed.

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