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12/11/2018: Model Output Update...

The weather is beautiful here in Chatel today with warm sunshine and an almost summer-like feel to the day. Here's a view taken this lunchtime, looking across to the village...

This morning's models continue to show a very dry outlook for Chatel over the next week, with high pressure very much in charge, with mild or warm daytimes. It does look as though high pressure will become established over Scandinavia by the end of the week, with the models seemingly all in agreement with this evolution.

So let's take a look at a couple of charts, representing the potential situation in a week's time, from the Meteociel.fr website. Both charts below suggest that a Scandinavian high pressure will still be in residence, keeping the weather dry here in Chatel, with the Atlantic effectively blocked off. The first chart, from the GFS model shows that there is the potential for air to filter in from the east, bringing colder temperatures, but without any precipitation. However, note that the second chart below, from ECMWF, although it also shows the Scandinavian high in place, it does exhibit subtle differences, with a generally milder source of air.

So, as it stands today, the outlook for the next 7 days is for dry weather with perhaps a downward trend in temperatures from about next weekend and into the early part of next week, however, how cold it might get is still very much open to question. Colder weather would allow the opportunity for snow making, IF there is enough water - as there has been a significant drought since the spring.

It is too soon to know what might happen next, but we will need to see a shift in the pattern shown below to bring the opportunity for significant snow.

Bye for now... next update expected to be either later today or during tomorrow...

All charts above copyright Meteociel.fr

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