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12/12/2019: Today's Updates...


Next update expected early tomorrow morning, followed by the latest news on tomorrow's snowfall, the milder weather arriving on Saturday and a potential foehn next week!


Excursions have been curtailed this week due to man-sniffles, but today the snow shoes came out for a trip into the Barbossine sector. This is the sunnier side of the ski area and one of our favourite places in both summer and winter and it has marked snow shoe trails.

Dozens of depth measurements were taken up and around the Mouet area, which was as high as this excursion went as the track across from there to the Col de Croix is a known avalanche spot. On the sunnier spots at about 1750m there were plenty of areas with 60cm of snow, with some with less and a few with a bit more. In the more shaded areas, spots with 70cm to 80cm were discovered, but again, some spots had less, however, there was an encouragingly large amount of snow up there on this sunnier sector, with more snow to come in the next 24 to 36hrs. Snow depths at the same elevation in the PLJ area would be generally deeper.

Here's a few photos from the excursion, where the effects of the wind can be seen on several of them. Note also the photo of the very bottom of the run to the Super Chatel telecabine in the village, which is looking much more healthy and cannon were operational too.


There have been some further showery outbreaks of snow since the last update, bringing a further dusting and here are the latest views...


Bonjour from Chatel - the news is good again this morning with a further 8.5cm of snow recorded, bringing the total measured snowfall at our location, which is just below 1200m, to 13cm since yesterday afternoon. Currently snowing very, very lightly with a temperature of -1.5c.

Photos to follow when it gets light.

Details on today's weather will be posted the snow forecast page at http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - which should be online around 8am, followed by further updates on this page today.

How you can help this season... you will notice on some pages that there is a PayPal tip/donation box, eg on the "About Us" page, where you can send us a tip, if you like what we are doing. There is no obligation to do so, but any donations will help the running costs of this site during the winter season. This will also give you access to the WhatsApp group - which on some days, will be the only place where forecasts and snow reports are posted.

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