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13/01/2019: Today's Updates... 7.10pm...


PS... snowing again now at 1200m - so looks like a snow/rain limit yo-yo tonight...


First the bad news - sleet and rain is falling in the village at the moment, with the odd spell of snow, which is a real shame as the snow cover is now wet and contracting. It looks like the models undercooked the level of the 0c isotherm on their earlier runs today, especially the GFS, which was some way off, and even the Arome model, which was closest to getting it right, has also adjusted them slightly upwards on its latest output, to above 1700m!!!

Further snow is expected tonight, gradually returning to the lowest elevations, but how much remains to be seen. There is a chance that the snow/rain limit will fall during in any heavier precipitation.

Since our last measurement on the village, the measuring surface became wet, but before then another 3cm was recorded - however - that is all a bit irrelevant down here at the moment with the dampness and the slightly thawing snowpack. So, for the record, 10cm has fallen at our location since 7am, with 19.5cm since last night, however, the snowpack has contracted this afternoon, not increased.

The good news is that higher up things are much better, but we await the morning before we can see how this snow event has turned out and whether it has matched expectations.

Next update at about 6.30am...


Update due at 7.30pm...


Currently on Linga ski area - where it is snowing quite heavily at times - quite wet and sticky at the bottom of Linga - but still falling as snow. Wind has picked up noticeably higher up. Pistes obviously really cut up at this stage of a Sunday, so a bit too much speed resulted in the worst stack for quite some time - very glad a back protector was being worn, as may not be typing this without it...


2cm since the last update so 7cm since 7am and 16.5cm since last night. 0c isotherm has now risen so snowpack on the ground is wet in the village and contracted slightly. Moderate wet snow falling...


Snowfall since 7am to 10am is 5cm at our location - bringing the total since last night to 14.5cm.

Currently snowing lightly.


Currently snowing...


9.5cm is the measured total for the period up to 7am at our location just below 1200m in the village.


Bonjour - good news so far this morning here in Chatel, as the snow has started falling overnight and is coming down nicely at the moment. There will be an update just after 7am with a depth measurement and then the forecast page will be updated between 7.30am and 7.45am...

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