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13/11/2020: A Change Next Week?

The weather has been lovely this week here in Chatel, with sunny and fairly warm feeling days and lightly chilly nights.

We have now had a couple of weeks of the latest lockdown and the French government announced last night that the restrictions would remain in place until at least until the first of December, with restrictions on the opening of bars and cafes and the need for permission forms to go anywhere likely to continue for some time after that. This news obviously continues the uncertainty regarding the prospects for the ski season starting in December.

Whether the ski season will be able to start on time will also (very obviously) depend on amounts of snow and there are some signs this morning of a change in the weather pattern during next week, especially in about a week's time. More on that over the weekend.

Below is this morning's view towards the top of the Linga ski area with one or two snow patches remaining. Snow has been visible on Linga since the 25th September.

The next update is expected to be over the weekend with a look at the charts for next week.

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