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14/12/2019: Today's Updates...


The cloudy weather has persisted all day here with winds remaining strong high up and there have been some further showers. The photo below shows the approximate snowline this afternoon - approx 1800m for snow on the trees. Hopefully, the weather will be a bit brighter tomorrow and we should have an update from the ski area.

Unfortunately the model runs so far this evening have reinforced the very mild message for the next few days, with a southerly flow from North Africa on the way. More on this on tomorrow morning's forecast page.


The weather has remained cloudy here in Chatel with some showers and plenty of wind, which has restricted list operation to 6 lifts at PLJ. The snow / rain limit was reportedly above Plaine Dranse at 1pm. Temperatures has eased back from their highs today, which were between 6c and 7c in the village at tone stage, which when combined with the cloud and humidity, is snow eating weather.


The resort lifts remain closed this morning due to the wind issues. Unfortunately, there has been a real lack of useful info online from the resort today - nothing posted on Facebook and nothing on the normally useful lift pdf (not updated since (8th Dec) and no message on the online lift status page as to what is going on. The result is... wasted journeys to the ski area. (edit - some updates apparently updated on Instagram).


Wind is expected to be an issue today - as noted on this morning's forecast update.

Below is the gust forecast in kmh for late this afternoon from Meteociel.fr...


Bonjour from Chatel - after an interesting day of wintry weather yesterday, which we reported to over on our WhatsApp group, site updates are back to normal on here today.

Before we get to the news on the overnight conditions...

We now have 50 patrons of the site, mostly individuals who have been kind enough to contribute to the costs of running the site. What are the running costs... the updates take time to produce, particularly the forecast in the morning, which can take up to 90 minutes to produce when snowfall is on the menu, such as was the case yesterday morning. Normally it takes between 45 mins and 1hr, with further time spent doing the snow report updates - so those who have been kind enough to send in contributions are directly helping us to enable more time to be spent on the site.

We are also proud to announce that we have 2 businesses now supporting our sites as "Gold" level sponsors, so a huge shout out to Chalet Transfers who provide shared and private airport transfers to Chatel... and to our newest sponsor... Torr Snowboarding - Chatel Snowboard Specialists.

If you would like to sponsor the site as an individual patron, see the details below or if you are a business looking to advertise and in the process, become a patron, then message us using the form below. We have several levels of business supporter to suit all budgets, so contact us for more info...

We aim to provide honest and accurate updates on snow conditions plus our daily forecast, based on years of experience. There will be no glossing over reality, which is sometimes seen in the snowsports industry, especially on social media - we tell it as we see it.

Back to this morning and the news is not great at the village elevation. A check was made at about 2am and it was snowing at that time with an additional 3cm of snow, bringing the total in the village to 15cm from 7am yesterday, in addition to the 6cm overnight into Friday. The spell of rain early yesterday due to a milder influence was not picked up by most of the models, so came as a bit of a surprise to some, however, the snow returned and it was a useful day of accumulations. There should have been some substantial snowfalls higher up, though ascertaining how much has fallen will be impossible due to the strong winds which were blowing.

The not so great bit is that since 2am the milder air has arrived and the temperatures have shot up to 4c at 1200m and there has been a substantial thaw already in the village, with a noticeable breeze. More on all of this on the forecast page towards 8am and of course on here during the day...

Details on today's weather will be posted the snow forecast page at http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - which should be online around 8am, followed by further updates on this page today.

How you can help this season... you will notice on some pages that there is a PayPal tip/donation box, eg on the "About Us" page, where you can send us a tip, if you like what we are doing. There is no obligation to do so, but any donations will help the running costs of this site during the winter season. This will also give you access to the WhatsApp group - which on some days, will be the only place where forecasts and snow reports are posted.

If you are a business - you can sponsor the site in various ways - so contact us for more info.

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