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15/01/2019: Today's Updates... 6.30pm...


Just had a quick peek at the latest models, which generally suggest a modest snowfall Thursday to Friday, with Arpege currently leading the way with 15cm at the top, however other models suggest less than 10cm. So, potentially a nice top up, but nothing to get too excited about, unless we see some upgrades over the next 48 hours.

Tomorrow is expected to get noticeably milder, before possibly a fairly prolonged period of colder weather arrives from Thursday. The models have tended to drift away from some of the snowier scenarios that were being suggested - but more on this on tomorrow morning's forecast page.


End of afternoon view from a quick excursion... another update expected 7pm-ish.


A combination of clear blue skies, good quality snow on piste and powder off piste, combined this morning to bring possibly the best morning of the season so far, with some exceptional conditions in some areas. The photos below say it all really!

Next update this evening with a look to see if there are any developments on Thursday / Thursday night / Friday morning's potential snowfall - which at the moment is looking like a fairly modest affair...


The cross on Linga...


Clear skies to start the day and the sun is just catching the top of the Linga ski area - photo looking towards the top of the L'Echo Alpin chairlift...


Bonjour - it is clear and cold this morning in Chatel, with temperatures around -6.5c a short distance below the village. There was a period of light snow during yesterday evening, which brought another dusting.

There will be further updates today, starting first on the forecast page, which will be updated between 7.30am and 7.45am...

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