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15/11/2018: Evening Update...

The weather has been stunning here in Chatel again today with blue skies and warm sunshine, after the early morning frost...

Lac D'Arvoin late this afternoon.

The view from Saix shortly after.

The latest model runs this evening continue in a similar vein to what was discussed this morning, so still potentially colder early next week, with perhaps some light snow appearing - and that is just about all that can be said at the moment.

With high pressure in northern latitudes, and low pressure looking like affecting parts of France and the UK, looking beyond the middle of next week is still fairly pointless in terms of being able to pinpoint temperatures, where the 0C isotherm will be situated and the potential for showers or longer outbreaks of snow. Although we are still not expecting anything significant in terms of snowfall in the next 7 days, there is a chance of one or two surprises cropping up between Tuesday and Thursday, depending on the behaviour of the areas of low pressure.

More on this tomorrow morning.

Bye for now...

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