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15/12/2019: Today's Updates... Day 4 Of The 2019/20 Season...


Sunday morning on the ski area was remarkably quiet for a time! Although there was plenty of cloud in the area, there were clearer slots, so visibility was mostly perfectly fine and apart from a very light shower, it stayed dry. The pistes at the very top were excellent, with great quality snow, with some harder but still very grippy areas as you progressed down the mountain, before reaching a zone of generally softer wetter snow.

As can be seen from the first photo below, there is alot of snow on the upper half of the mountain, probably a seasons worth of snow already up there!

However, lower down, the picture is not quite as rosy. We accessed the area from the Linga telecabine today and although the run back down to the telecabine top station and L'Echo Alpin were fine, the lower half of Linga was fenced off. The pistes to the bottom are complete, but thin and browning in places and as the last photo shows, the Stade does not have complete cover.

These lower areas are expected to take a battering over the next few days due to an onslaught of mild weather which is on the way. There may be some very mild temperatures arriving even before a possible foehn event, so a marked deterioration is expected on those thinner, lower areas.

The lifts are now open daily and we'll keep you posted each day and keep a close eye on the potential for the next snowfall, starting with an update on here early tomorrow, followed by the forecast page update.


It's looking bright this morning, though it also looks breezy at the top. The forecast was posted at 7.45am and today is the 4th day of lift operation here in Chatel... so a trip to the ski area is on the menu...

6.35am: Bonjour from Chatel, where it is a dry start to the day, though air temperatures have remained above 0c overnight. This mild theme is set to continue this week, with some fairly unusually mild air affecting the area at times. The big question this morning is will we avoid the worst of a potential foehn event...

... more info on this will be posted on today's forecast page at... http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - which should be online around 8am, followed by further updates on this page today.

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