• The Chatel Snow Report

16/04/2019: Today's Updates... 4.00pm...


Today has been cloudy, but Chatel has so far avoided the forecast showers and it has been quite bright at times. Yesterday, however, was a stunning day with blue skies, warm sunshine and classic spring snow conditions. The snow remains plentiful on the pistes that are still open at PLJ - and - plentiful on much of the closed sectors of Linga and Super Chatel too - which shows how well Chatel retains its snow cover, despite its modest elevation. There would probably be enough snow at PLJ for many pistes to open well into May, if the demand was there, however, people tend to get out of the habit of skiing and boarding at this time of year, so it is often economics that closes the ski areas during April, not necessarily lack of snow.

Photos below from Barbossine (first 2 taken yesterday and the third this morning).

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12/04/2021: Today's Updates...

Update: 1.30pm: Overnight snowfall brought up to 6cm to the village - with less on other surfaces and alot of it has now thawed at this elevation. It was interesting to see more snow a few miles away