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16/12/2018...Today's Updates... 4.25pm...

Day 2 Of The 2018/19 Chatel Ski Season:


You could say that conditions were a little different to yesterday... it was one of those days where it was easy to make excuses not to go up the hill. The overnight snow turned to rain up to about 1800m and the village has seen low cloud and a few drizzly bits and pieces with a mild feel to the day in comparison to the crisp and clear conditions of yesterday. However the trip was made...

Initially the decision was regretted as once at the top of Linga and heading down the Combes, a thick fog appeared. Unfortunately it was one of those fogs where you have to look for the piste markers to bring a sense of where you are heading - not the most fun run! However once below the fog, visibility improved and conditions were fun, with grippy and fairly fast running wet snow. There were plenty of people having what appeared to be a fun time too! A few flakes of snow were falling above about 1700m, with drizzle lower down at times. It was difficult to ascertain how much snow had fallen above 1800m - not a great deal by the looks of it but there looks like being some tonight. Heading back over to the Linga side and the band of fog was apparent again - so the final run down to the top of the Linga telecabine was similar to the first run of the session - not the best.

Snow is expected tonight - with some potentially very useful accumulations for the ski area.

Will update if snow arrives in the village this eve whilst still awake, otherwise the next update will be early tomorrow, before the forecast page is updated.

This update was made from Le Schuss at the bottom of Linga.

Photos from the afternoon session below...


Cloudy weather here in Chatel with the morning rain reaching quite a way up the mountain - below is the top of the Pointe du Midi. Report update later after a trip up the ski area...


It has snowed in the village overnight, however, this turned to rain at this elevation, so there is a very slushy 2cm to 3cm of fresh cover at the moment. Currently raining.

The forecast page should be updated at approx. 7.45am.

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