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17/01/2019: Today's Updates... 8.00pm...


That was short, but sweet... 6cm of fluffy snow came down in a short period of time at 1200m.

Total since 7am this morning at 1200m now stands at a more respectable 7cm. Currently dry and temp about -1c.

Next update early tomorrow...


Showery trough or narrow frontal feature currently offloading...


The front brought 1cm to the village this afternoon, with the wet nature of the snow meaning that it took a little while before it starting settling. A little higher, towards 1500m, there was approximately 4cm of fresh snow and reports suggest a bit more than this a bit further up, with the wind blowing the snow around at some of the higher elevations.

Showers are following on from today's front, so whether these add much more is down to a bit of a lottery situation - such is the nature of showers.

So far, accumulations in the village are below expectations...


The main front passed through the area just after 4pm... report to follow in about an hour, in the meantime here's a photo from the end of day excursion to Saix...


Snow has been falling since the last update, sporadic and sleety this morning but the flakes this afternoon have brought a dusting so far to the village. Updates as things develop (or not, as the case maybe)...


Cloudy conditions here in Chatel, with some flakes of snow falling in the village from time to time, though the period of greatest interest, in terms of snowfall, is still this afternoon.

According the latest lift report, 39/40 lifts are operating today, with 34/46 pistes open - so still not a fully functioning ski area, as none of the 6 black runs are officially open, with 3 blues and 3 reds also remaining closed. Conditions on the open pistes, are generally expected to be good today.


Bonjour - there is plenty of cloud overhead this morning, with some breaks in it here and there and temperatures are between 0c and -1c.

There will be further updates today, starting first on the forecast page, which will be updated between 7.30am and 7.45am...

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