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18/03/2019: Today's Updates... 6.35pm...


Snow conditions have been excellent day, winter like for a time this morning with some powder to be found, with the snow generally becoming heavier as the day went on - as despite the 0c isotherm remaining fairly subdued, we are now into the second half of March, so powder conditions are often shortlived at many elevations. There have been a few flakes of snow in the air at times today, but nothing to add to the overnight fresh snow.

We are now entering a period where high pressure is going to dominate the weather, with spring like conditions expected for the rest of the week... views from late afternoon...


Early views...


Bonjour... there is good news this morning, as the overnight snow showers have added to yesterday evening's snowfall and our measuring surface has an additional 8cm of snow on it this morning, bringing the total since yesterday to 12.5cm.

Note that the cover is not 12.5cm deep on any surface that we have seen this morning, with some surfaces seeing a light covering - as many surfaces were quite wet for a time last night, having retained yesterday's daytime warmth - however - the 12.5cm is the combined figure from what was measured late yesterday evening, when the measuring surface was cleared and again this morning.

Conditions should be excellent on the ski area this morning.

The forecast page is expected to be updated at 8.15am this morning.

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