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18/11/2018: A Bit Of Snow Tomorrow???

The weather has turned noticeably colder here in Chatel with an overnight air frost in the village and we have clear skies overhead this morning.

There is some colder air on the way to the area early in the week, before things turn a touch less cold - so not cold, not particularly mild, just a bit of a middle ground looks to be the trend as we head through the week.

However, before then, there is a little bit of snow in the forecast, with tomorrow afternoon possibly seeing some flakes falling. The models are giving mixed messages on whether we will see a covering, however, the hi-res Arome model, does suggest a light snowfall for Chatel. As this is a hi-res model, and one that is respected, it is worth a look at and it can be seen below from the Meteociel.fr website. Note that this model runs out to 42 hours, so at the time of this update, we can only see what it is suggestion up to Monday evening, but as you can see below, a couple of cm's is a possibility.

We will update this chart on this evening's update and, as there is a hint of snow in the short term forecast, this may mean that we start the snow forecast page up for the first time tomorrow morning, which would be issued at around about 8am.

So after the chance of some very light snowfalls early in the week, let's jump ahead a little bit to the outlook, which is showing nothing particularly cold, nothing particularly mild and a continuation of the middle ground that we mentioned above. There is the chance of precipitation in the period shown in the charts below, but as has been the case recently, pinning down a chart which shows a convincing chance of significant snowfall to this area is proving rather difficult - though there are some glimmers of hope as we look beyond next weekend. The current weather pattern is definitely a slow burner, so patience is still going to be required, despite the prospect of some light snow early this week.

Bye for now... the next update is expected to be this evening, between 6.30pm and 7.00pm...

All charts above copyright Meteociel.fr

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