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18/11/2020: Very Mild Air Today ... Bit Of Snow Tomorrow Night?

Update: 9.15am:

After a frosty start in the valley, there is some exceptionally mild air affecting this part of the Alps today, with the 0c isotherm expected to sit above 4000m!!! A cool down is expected to arrive during tomorrow, with a little bit of snow for the ski area tomorrow evening / night, followed by some chilly temperatures on Friday. Unfortunately, the colder air is not expected to hang around, as milder daytime weather returns at the weekend. In practical terms this means that there could be a fairly short window of opportunity for some snowmaking before the weekend, however, the prospects for natural snow and widespread snowmaking are poor for next week. For example, the GFS model is showing a mostly snowless scenario for 10 days (apart from a light fall tomorrow night).

So, as it stands this morning, the chances for significant snowfall before the 1st December are fairly low. The charts will of course be monitored and updates will be posted daily on this site from now on.

Below is the incredibly mild Arome 0c Isotherm forecast chart for this afternoon for Switzerland from www.meteociel.fr

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