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19/11/2018: Today's Updates... 7.00pm...

7.00 pm:

It has turned into a pretty good day here in Chatel for lovers of snow. The snow intensity pepped up from time to time this afternoon and has brought a beautiful cover of whiteness to the area. Snow accumulations are modest, but better than expected.

On a trip out and about late this afternoon, we found some variations in snow depths within quite short distances. Col du Saix had 6cm of fresh snow, whilst towards Super Chatel, at a lower elevation of about 1350m, there was 7cm, with closer to 5cm on favoured surfaces at our home location in the village, which is at a touch under 1200m. This was more than our forecast was expecting this morning, but we never mind under cooking snow amounts - it is when the reverse happens that things get annoying!

The falling snow has petered out as this update is being typed and we do not expect much, or any, additional accumulations overnight.

So, a little bit more snow than expected today and we found the snow cannon to be blasting away by the Conche chairlift at Super Chatel, which is also very good news. The snowfall today is a very light one and things are set to turn less cold this week, so much of this lower mountain, natural snow may not survive. However, the charts are finely poised going forward and, after some milder weather on Friday, there are hints of cooler conditions and perhaps some snowfall to follow. More on this on tomorrow morning's update over on the snow forecast page and on this page during the day.

Finally this evening, many thanks to those who have used the Pay Pal donation button on the "About Us" page - these are very much appreciated and help us to have the time to keep this page updated.

Bye for now... the next update is expected to be on the forecast page tomorrow morning...

7cm of snow at approx. 1350m

Cannon on Super Chatel late this afternoon.

5.50 pm:

The news is good from Chatel... update and photos at approx. 7pm...

2.30 pm:

Snow is falling lightly this afternoon here in Chatel, with some proper little flakes after the snow grains of the morning. Visibility is poor, so the photo below is of a local shed taken a few minutes ago. We are still only in the dusting category of lying snow, however, it is all very nice to see.

11.35 am:

Very little in the way of natural snow is currently falling here in Chatel, however, there is some snow making activity, as can be seen from the photos below, with cannon currently visibly operating in Super Chatel and Linga.

9.40 am:

It remains cloudy here in Chatel with some snow grains in the air and there is a dusting of snow on the ground. We'll keep you posted during the day.

The view at 9.30am.

8.05 am:

Snow grains continuing to fall here in Chatel. The first forecast of the season is now live over on the snow forecast page.

6.45 am:

Bonjour from Chatel where there are some snow grains falling, bringing a dusting of white to all surfaces.

All snowfall related updates today will be posted on this page.

Also - We should have the first forecast update online before 8am.

How you can help this season... you will notice on some pages that there is a PayPal tip/donation box, eg on the "About Us" page, where you can send us a tip, if you like what we are doing. There is no obligation to do so, but any donations will help the running costs of this site during the winter season. 

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