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19/12/2018: Today's Updates... 7.10pm...


The main band of snowfall is clearing through the area, with no precipitation falling at the moment, after an afternoon which say some fairly heavy snowfall at times. At our location at close to 1200m, a touch under 9cm of fresh snow has fallen. The snow down here is fairly wet and it turned a bit sleety for a time before it petered out, but there does look as though there is a chance that the area may benefit from some further snow showers tonight.

On the ski area, the depths of fresh snow are deeper and brought some nice refreshment to the pistes. The wind was picking up at the top of Les Combes at the end of the day, but otherwise wasn't particularly noticeable and conditions under foot were generally really good, for the relatively few people that were out and about this afternoon.

The new, 6 man Pierre Longue chairlift looks as though it will open before the weekend and possibly tomorrow and you can now ski / board down to the bottom of the Stade at Linga, via the piste that goes past the Gabelou chairlift.

There still looks to be no escape from the mild and wet spell heading this way from Friday, though the weather does look like settling down next week, as high pressure becomes more influential. The models so far this evening have not followed the ECMWF's Christmas Day snowfall scenario, which it was showing again this morning, so that is perhaps looking less likely this evening - but further comment on this will be saved until early tomorrow...

Hut at the top of the Combes chair this afternoon.


Snow has been falling for much of the afternoon, on the ski area and in the village - update to follow between 7pm and 8pm...


Snow falling - view from Linga telecabine...


The weather is now starting to close in with some flakes falling on the upper part of the ski area. Heading in that direction this afternoon, so the next update is expected to be from the ski area...


Cloudy skies here in Chatel this morning as we await the arrival of some precipitation, which should bring a useful snowfall to the ski area. The photos below show the probable effects of the higher 0c isotherm yesterday evening, with less snow visible on the trees this morning above the colder pool of air sitting in the valleys, where there is more snow showing on the trees.

Several updates are expected today on this page, as it is potentially a snow day!

Further thanks to all those who have sent tips via the PayPal button on the About Us page. The generosity of readers of these pages and the supportive messages, has all been rather humbling, but enables time to be spent keeping the site updated. Some people have set up monthly repeating donations, which brings some confidence going forward.

One further comment on the outlook this morning, which was mentioned on the forecast page, is that the forecast for Christmas Day remains really up in the air this morning. After yesterday evening's ECMWF horror show which showed 10c on Christmas Day, this mornings offering now shows snowfall! Although the GFS model appears to have been more consistent in its output over recent days, it is still impossible to suggest what the big day will see in terms of weather here on the ground on Christmas Day - so trust no automated forecast at the moment for the period early next week, as the models are really struggling to come to terms with the outlook beyond the weekend. Strangely, despite the uncertainty for Christmas, the period thereafter does look as though it may be high pressure dominated for a time, so perhaps bringing some fine weather between Christmas and New Year.

View towards Pas de Morgins

Linga this morning under cloudy skies.

Today's updates will appear on this page... it should be an interesting day with some snowfall expected this afternoon and evening...

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