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20/01/2019: Today's Updates... 5.20pm...


Not a great deal to report on today, the snow quality has remained mostly good, though skies have been cloudy, with some brighter periods this afternoon and it has remained dry. There remains a chance of one or two flakes of snow falling this evening, but the main point of interest regarding snowfall is still Tuesday night / Wednesday and we are not really any closer to knowing if there is going to be a useful snowfall, as the models have been chopping and changing. For example, Arpege this morning had very little accumulated snow forecast up to 7am on Thursday, whereas now it is showing as much as 25cm in the local area. GFS is also toying with the idea of some decent quantities, but went from a 50cm+ forecast yesterday to very little a few hours later and then back up to 30cm this afternoon - so perhaps we can say the trend is heading in the right direction... more on this tomorrow...

5pm Chatel.


Bonjour - temperatures fell to between -9c and -10c in the village area overnight but have lifted a couple of degrees now, as there is some cloud cover overhead. Snow cannon are operating again in the area, with their light visible on Linga.

There will be further updates today, starting first on the forecast page, which will be updated between 7.30am and 7.45am...

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