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20/11/2018: Today's Updates... 6.05pm... Last One For Today...

Update 6.05pm:

Here's a couple of photos to finish the day, taken on a late afternoon jog along the Sentier du Morclan to Super Chatel...

The view at 5pm from the Sentier du Morclan.

Looking down from Super Chatel.

Next update is expected to be on the forecast page tomorrow morning.

Bye for now...

Update 3.40pm:

The weather has remained dry today here in Chatel and there has been a mixture of sunny spells and patchy cloud coming and going. The light covering of snow has mostly melted on the sunny slopes, but stayed intact in the shade. The slightly less cold weather has also meant that the snowmaking operation appears to have come to an end, for the time being at least.

Up at Pre La Joux this afternoon, we found a thin cover of natural snow on the lower section of the Rochassons piste along with some impressive quantities of man made snow. What looks like about 24 hours of snowmaking has produced some decent sized mounds, which although they won't be enough yet to create a piste, they are a good start and a step in the right direction. The photos below give an indication of the lower section of this piste.

It was also interesting to see that the 24 hours (approx) of snowmaking had made a little bit of a dent in the water cannon reservoir next to this piste, but not too much, and there was some water coming down the streams in this area, which is another good sign after the drought.

In the PLJ car park, the new chairs for the new 6 man replacement of the Pierre Longe chairlift have arrived and work continues on the landscaping around the new lift station at the bottom.

So, there is still some way to go before we can foresee a realistic chance of anything opening for the weekend of the first of December. However, at least we now have a start, with some man made snow on the ground.

Update 8.10am:

After the light snowfalls of Monday, this morning has dawned partly cloudy, but fairly bright at times and the snow cannon are still functioning across the area. Temperatures in the valley dropped close to -6C overnight and are still well below freezing at the moment, though less cold weather is on the way, as already discussed this morning, over on the snow forecast page.

This page will be updated during the day, with the next update scheduled for this afternoon.

The view at just before 8am this morning.

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