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21/01/2019: Today's Updates... 5.50pm...


It has been a day of beautiful sunshine here in Chatel, once some early cloud cleared away and conditions on the ski area continue to be rather good. There is still plenty of great snow to be found, though we are now probably at the stage where a nice top up of snow is required. So, in terms of what the models are saying for the potential snowfall on Wednesday, it is a case of being a similar picture to the scenario discussed earlier on this page, with a variety of forecasts, however, our current thinking is that we may be lucky to get 10cm out of this one - but we should know a little more on tomorrow morning's forecast page.

One potentially interesting thing, so far, from the 12z updates from the models this afternoon, is that the potential for significant snowfall appears to be increasing for the period from the back end of next weekend and into the early part of next week...

A late afternoon look down the Abondance Valley.


Potential snowfall amounts for Wednesday... a glance at the latest models and forecasting tools suggest we have a range on offer, with ECMWF suggesting as little as 5cm and ZAMG not much more. The GFS yo-yo is currently on about 20cm for mid-mountain and the often snow keen Arpege model is currently leading the pack, with the scenario shown below, (chart from the excellent www.meteociel.fr).


Bonjour - It is mostly clear and cold to start the day here in Chatel...

There will be further updates today, starting first on the forecast page, which will be updated at 7.45am...

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