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21/11/2020: Snow Making Begins...

Update: 1.10pm:

Photo from the piste from Super Chatel to the village...

Update: 8.15am:

The lights of the snow cannon on Linga could be seen last night and they are still in operation this morning, taking advantage of a spell of colder air. Milder air is set to return today, so the snowmaking operation may cease, with the 0c isotherm set to rise above 3400m tonight. Although there may be a temperature inversion in the valley, it looks as though conditions may not be suitable for widespread snowmaking for some time. This is also the case for the prospects for natural snowfall, with significant snow unlikely in the next week.

With the Covid situation already meaning that December skiing is under threat, the lack of snow is also adding to the early season uncertainty.

Photos from early this morning...

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