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21/12/2019: Today's Updates... Day 10 of the 2019/20 Season...


The latest precipitation radar images suggests that rain and snow are heading this way this evening with an unsettled day expected tomorrow, lasting into Monday.

As always, there are some mixed messages from the models regarding quantities of snow and the potential snow/rain limits.

Some forecasts are suggesting 10cm to 15cm in the village overnight, with others forecasting some flakes in the village, with the main action starting tomorrow for the lower areas. The sites suggesting the fairly low snow/rain limit tonight are mostly powered by the GFS model which, on its latest run (which takes time to filter through to some sites), suggests the 0c isotherm to be at... 1355m at 10pm / 1434m at 1am / 1415m at 4am and 1277m at 7am. This would have the snow/rain limit to be approximately between 1000m and 1150m.

The Arome hi-res model has a higher 0c isotherm of 1688m at 10pm / 1877m at 1am / 1685m at 4am / 1541m at 7am. Snow often falls approximately 300m below these elevations, however, this is not always the case and there may be a spell of snow in the village tonight, though as was the case this morning, the mildness of the air does mean that it would take something special for 10cm+ to accumulate at 1200m before 6am. The good news is that by early tomorrow morning, the Arome model is also suggesting snowfall for the village, so things may start to get going down here from then, though most of the village accumulations are expected on Monday night - so some patience may be required tomorrow.

There are also some differences regarding the duration and intensity of the precipitation overnight and during tomorrow, so it may not be pelting it down all the time, with some lulls possible.

Whatever happens down at the bottom, , elevations higher up on the ski area should see significant snowfall.

The latest info will be posted early tomorrow, starting with a 6.30am-ish snow report update on here, followed by the forecast. Here's hoping for some good news in the morning...


The skies cleared this afternoon, with some much better visibility for those out in the morning. However, all eyes are on the storm that is on the way tonight. We'll take a look at snow/rain limits based on the latest info on a post this evening, but before then, here's a chart showing the expected gusts of wind in kmh tomorrow lunchtime. Lift disruption is expected tomorrow, which is hardly surprising looking at this chart.

Chart from www.meteociel.fr


Snow has been falling all morning here in Chatel, though the snow is wet at village elevation and at the bottom of Linga, where there is a fresh, wet and slushy covering.

There are some challenging conditions higher up with wind at the top and limited visibility but there is plenty of fresh snow with approx. 20cm of fresh at 1800m on Linga. Below about 1750m, the snow is quite sticky.

Photos from the last hour...


The snow was looking promising for a time in the village, however, it then turned lighter with the snow thawing, so the covering on the ground is a very wet and slushy one in the village. Currently snowing again, so the slush is getting another white covering.

Looking forward to checking out the the ski area this morning...


Bonjour from Chatel... overnight showers have turned to snow in the last hour in the village with a dusting appearing on some surfaces. Higher up should be interesting this morning with fresh snow. Avalanche blasting has been taking place.

...more info on this will be posted on today's forecast page at... http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - which should be online around 8am, followed by further updates on this page today.

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