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22/01/2020: Today's Updates... Day 42...


Snow conditions remained in generally very good shape across the ski area today, and across most of the PDS, as we discovered on a trip to Les Crosets. The fine weather and lack of wind combined for some really glorious conditions, with the snow underfoot mostly pretty good, with some scraped areas on steeper pistes, but there was plenty of loose stuff knocking around too. Sunny slopes became rather warm, with some softening / thawing in places.

Conditions are unlikely to change too much in the next couple of days, especially if skies remain mostly clear - so, the generally good or very good conditions will continue. There may be a little traffic related deterioration of some pistes and some lower south facing ones may come under a bit of pressure, however, much of the ski area appears to have a secure base for the rest of the season, especially those which have benefitted from a mix of man made and natural snow. As we have only has one useful snowfall in the last month, this is not a bad situation to be in at all.

At the weekend, a cloudier blip is possible, perhaps with some showers, or perhaps not - as there are some differences between the models, however, the fine weather may return early next week. Thereafter, things are much more uncertain with some charts suggesting dry weather continuing through much of next week and others suggesting something more changeable - and perhaps rather mild and changeable arriving. It is impossible to tell which way it will go at this stage, but things may become a little more certain by the end of the week. In the meantime, the mostly good / very good piste skiing is likely to continue.

Here's a couple of charts to highlight the differences in the outlook for next week, with firstly a chart from www.meteociel.fr showing the UK Met Office model, followed by the GFS.

The UK Met Office chart suggests a pattern a touch further south, and with a better shape than the GFS, which would in theory bring more in the way of precipitation and eventually the possibility of snowfall, though it would probably start out as a fairly mild precipitation event. Other charts, such as those from the ECMWF this morning, were more akin to the GFS in terms of a mild and mostly dry outlook, so we shall have to wait and see - however, the charts are displayed to show how relatively small differences in the pattern will have noticeably different implications on the ground.


Bonjour from Chatel... it is a clear start to the day here in Chatel, with current temperatures of around -1C at 1200m and below -2C in the immediate valley area and it looks like being a lovely day... again!

This morning's forecast is already online at: http://www.chatelweb.com/chatel_snow_forecast.php - and this will be followed by further updates on this page today - probably late afternoon or early evening due to a busy schedule.

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